Struggling To Access Routine Dental Care?

We are open for routine treatment to new and existing patients.

Our practice has always been known for its clean, safe, friendly environment, and we have made many changes to our old way of practice to ensure our patients are able to be treated safely during this COVID era. We are continuing to provide a full range of services with appropriate safety measures.

We spend a full hour with new patients and identify any treatment required. More importantly, we strive to identify the causes of any problems so that they can be avoided in future. Time after time, patients are amazed at what they learn and by grading the risk to your teeth and gums it allows them to work with us to full oral health.

Allow us to guide you to a healthy, comfortable, attractive smile in readiness for when we can ditch the facemasks. Don’t wait for your dental health to deteriorate due to lack of access to professional care.

If you are looking to move practice and feel the personalised approach of our private practice might be right for you then please either call Jan on 01347 87811 and leave a message or email us at

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