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by Christine Parker, BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

How are your teeth looking these days? Are they as bright as they once were.

We sometimes recommend tooth whitening to patients when we notice their teeth are becoming more stained or discoloured. Tooth darkening is a natural process associated the food and drink consumption and the loss of tooth enamel.

The least invasive method of improving the colour of natural teeth is to whiten them. This is a heavily regulated procedure to ensure that patients have a good result in a safe manner.

Materials that can be bought online may be damaging to the teeth or ineffective. We always provide a thorough inspection to ensure the teeth are in a satisfactory condition to whiten.

The results we achieve are very natural looking and can be topped up as necessary. By using trays it allows the patient to control the process and if they have any sensitivity they can take a break.

Patients are delighted with their results and often comment on how it enhances their appearance and confidence.

If you wish to enquire about becoming a patient and would like a cosmetic assessment please contact us and leave a message on 01347 878111.

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