Summertime Ready?

Does your smile stand up to closer scrutiny now we are wearing masks less and less? Did your mask smell less than fragrant after wearing it?

Have you struggled to maintain your teeth over the last 12 months and are you longing to restore the brightness to your smile? Here are a few tips to improve your smile at home.

Use a good quality electric toothbrush, we recommend the Oral B brushes with the round head. Models of 6500 and above are great but the Genius 9000 and new IO range are amazing. Used correctly they can really help you maintain your tooth colour.*

A word of caution, though. Do not use them excessively and start off with a lower setting and sensitive head until your gums are used to them. Also avoid using ‘whitening’ toothpastes that are gritty as they might end up taking the enamel off your teeth.

We always recommend using interdental sticks or floss first. This dislodges any food debris or plaque between the teeth before you brush.

If your gums bleed when you brush or interdental and continue to do so for more than a couple of weeks, always book to see your dentist as there may be an underlying gum problem. If you can see visible scale or tartar on your teeth or your gums look red and puffy, a professional assessment will be required.

Do not be tempted into tooth whitening by anybody other than a registered dentist: it’s potentially unsafe and illegal.
For professional dental care, and an emphasis on whole mouth health, call Jan at Howardian Dental.

*We have based our findings on personal use of the brushes and on the results we see in patients who use them after professional personalised in surgery demonstration.

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