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As the people of Ukraine suffer unimaginable hardships, we’ve brought together a list of ways we can help. If you know of any other local initiatives, please email them to

  1. Disasters Emergency Committee are seeking donations of money to help them provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection to families fleeing the conflict. Donate here.
  2. The Red Cross have helped people in crisis for over 150 years and are highly experienced in getting support where it is needed: Ukraine Crisis Appeal.
  3. UNICEF is a charity that works to protect children in danger across the world. They have been working in Ukraine for the last 8 years and their expertise is being used in homes, schools, hospitals and refugee centres to provide support to families, mothers and unaccompanied children. Donate here.
  4. Malton & Norton Rotary Club is closely associated with the Polish Rotary Club Bartoszyce-Lidzbark Warminski in Northern Poland. The club is looking at ways to support refugees from Ukraine in Poland. Contact the Club on 07415 923345 or 07545 428584 or email to find out how to support the cause and make a donation.
  5. Care International is running an emergency appeal to provide emergency food and water. Find out more here.
  6. The Ukrainian Embassy has set up a special fund to support Ukraine.
  7. Sunflower for Peace, which provides first-aid backpacks to doctors and paramedics on the front line. Donate here.
  8. Choose Love are appealing for donations for supporting projects providing vital aid and services to those in and fleeing Ukraine, including emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health support. Find out more here.
  9. The UN refugee agency helps refugees fleeing situations of war and has a specific collection for Ukraine. Find out more.
  10. YMCA Europe in Ukraine have people who were already living and supporting communities that now desperately need help. Money will go straight to experienced volunteers who know where the needs are greatest.
  11. International Medical Corps, whose teams are already on the ground in Ukraine delivering medical and mental health care, as well as medical training. Donate here.
  12. Nova Ukraine, a Ukraine-based non-profit that provides civilians with items ranging from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies. Donate here.
  13. The Refugee Council is a UK-based organisation working with refugees and asylum seekers. The organisation provides support and advice to refugees and asylum seekers, as well as support for other refugee and asylum seeker organisations. More information.
  14. CARE is an international aid organisation aiming to provide food, water, hygiene kits, social services and more to Ukrainians in need. Donate here.

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