The coronavirus scams you need to avoid

by Handymag

Times like these call for extra vigilance. Sadly, some people are more devious than we’d like to imagine, and this pandemic is like a goldmine for them. Take care and pay extra attention with communications from companies and strangers. And you won’t fall into their trap.


Everything you have been told about phishing emails in the past still applies now. We’re also seeing a surge in the number of scam calls being made to businesses and households. Some examples of what to look for can be found

Online and Emails

You may have been receiving more emails than usual lately. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Do not click on links if you’re at all unsure whether they are genuine or not. Clicking a dodgy link can lead to malware being placed on your computer. That gives cyber criminals access to your personal information and can lead to all manner of losses on your part – your money, your accounts, even your identity.


We really can’t stress this enough: use long, randomly generated passwords to make them really difficult to crack. Better still to randomly generate passwords and use a password manager to remember them for you.

Social Media

You’re probably using social media a lot more at the moment. Whilst social media can be good for connecting with friends and family, be careful what you post. Cyber criminals utilise social media in a big way and will think nothing of targeting a potential victim and scrolling through their social media accounts to uncover the personal information they want. And sadly, it’s not difficult to discover a lot about you if you use social media a regularly.

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