The Generation Gap

by Handymag

by Christine Parker, Howardian Dental Practice

As I get older I have seen many changes in Dentistry. Not only in technical advancements but also in patient beliefs and expectations.

When I qualified in 1996 the dental surgery was a very different place, gloves were new and the root canal was reserved for the keenest of patients, as many already had part dentures in their 40’s and 50’s. Fast forward to 2020 and it’s a whole different world!

We rarely see full denture patients these days as dentists and patients have a much greater desire to keep their teeth for life. As dentists, this delights us but can also present great challenges. The desire to retain teeth does not always equate with the correct level of care required to do so.

The ravages of high levels of dental treatment in their youth and middle age and advancing gum disease render many middle-aged patients mouths only suitable for bridges, dentures or implants.

More recently in the world of the’ Selfie’ the desire for whitening, a perfect smile and pouting lips, becomes more requested. A strange concept for older dentists, patients actually wanting more treatment! This is a worrying trend as a lot of treatment in our youth can be disastrous for our teeth and our pockets.

Our priority is always for health behind the glamour and whilst we love doing cosmetic treatments and making our patients look their best it has to be balanced with their best interests.

At Howardian Dental we are passionate about educating patients in the use of Interdental aids (for all their nooks and crannies) and electric toothbrushes, Oral B is our personal favourite and no I don’t get paid for that. Come and see us and see how we can improve your smile.

For personally tailored advice contact Jan at Howardian Dental Practice.

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