News from The Hall Care Home, April 2024

by Handy Mag

A Warm Welcome from our Chairman

Spring is in the air and spirits are high as we look forward to the warmer months, but also reflect on what has been a joyous period – particularly the events of Mother’s Day. Across all our homes we have always encouraged residents to embrace special occasions, and especially those which have significant meaning. Our activities team work incredibly hard in making these days memorable, which was replicated on Mother’s Day.

Our new bar is fast becoming a favourite spot to hang out for our residents, and will no doubt be host to more visitors with warmer weather on the horizon.

From garden walks, to visits in the community, it’s wonderful to see our residents with a smile on their face and enjoying the outdoors.

For anyone interested in learning more about our vibrant community at The Hall, please feel free to reach out to Diane Hagan, our registered manager, at 01751 474789, or visit our Facebook page for a glimpse into our daily lives.

Chris Lane, Chairman, The Park Lane Healthcare Group

Birds of Prey

At The Hall, our doors are always open to our furry and feathered friends, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that both residents and staff cherish deeply. Over the years, we’ve been blessed with numerous visits from various animals, each one forming precious connections with our community. Recently, we really enjoyed hosting a parliament of owls from Animal House Birds of Prey.

It was a magical afternoon spent in the company of these majestic creatures, including a barn owl, a tawny owl, and a burrowing owl, as we marvelled at their beauty and learned about their fascinating lives. Watching these incredible hunters, our residents were thrilled, observing with amusement as the owls kept a vigilant eye on the garden’s vertebrates.

Mocktail Making

In the cosy orangery at The Hall, residents gathered for an afternoon of laughter and creativity during a mocktail making session. There was a real buzz of excitement as they blended fresh fruits, sparkling sodas, and colourful garnishes to craft delicious, non-alcoholic drinks.

With each pour and stir, stories and memories were shared, strengthening bonds between friends.

For all enquiries, please call 01751 474789.

The Hall, Chestnut Avenue, Thornton Le Dale, North Yorkshire YO18 7RR

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