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by The Orthotic Works, York

How do I know if I need Orthotics?

If you have pains in the feet such as tired aching feet, heel pains, bunions, metatarsalgia (pain in the balls of feet), calluses and hammer toes this can be a result of faulty alignment of joints in the foot and altered biomechanics.

If the pain is worse or brought on by standing, walking or running then orthotics will help realign joints and reduce symptoms.

Will Orthotics help my knee, hip and back pains?

For many people knee, leg, hip and back pain can be the result of poor foot function – this leads to an imbalance in body posture and misalignment of the joints and muscular system.

An orthotic will help to realign structures and reduce stress on the joints, leading to a reduction in symptoms.

Can I run or go to the gym with them in my trainers?

Yes, we have a sports orthotic that is made to absorb the impact exercise or running has on the feet.

As well as the sports orthotic we also do a casual orthotic for everyday wear and dress orthotic. The dress orthotic is a slimmer fit therefore can be worn in dressier slimmer fitting gents and ladies shoes.

So what do I do now?

Book a free personal consultation and gait analysis to determine how orthotics will be of benefit to you.

Please visit our website to read customers stories on the difference our orthotics have made to their health and wellbeing.

The Orthotic Works, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4AG – theorthoticworks.com – call 01904 620120

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