Eco-friendly Dairy Delivery across Ryedale

by Handy Mag

James Ridsdale launched a his milk delivery service, The Scampston Dairy, in May 2020. He aims to reduce single-use plastics, while also finding the perfect work-life balance.

James said: “I worked with my father delivering milk in our village from the age of around 7 and when my father left the dairy trade I continued part time until the age of 21 to help subsidise my mechanical apprenticeship. I then worked as a mechanic for 20 years.

“My partner, Michelle, and I had always talked about working together and, as a family, we were completely shocked by how much plastic we generated, especially milk cartons! Covid19 struck and, as the world stopped, so did my work. Michelle was pregnant during this time so with a young family to feed and a baby on the way, as for many people, it was a worrying time.

“As a family we buy a lot of milk and had started using a milkman to try to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we used. An opportunity arose to arrange milk deliveries to the villages our milkman was unable to reach. This turned out to be the perfect solution, and ‘The Scampston Dairy’ was born.”

James provides a traditional alternative to purchasing milk in plastic bottles and over the last 16 months the business has grown to become his full time job. James explained: “It was a baptism of fire but our customers have been fantastic and supported us throughout.

“We love the fact that our provision helps people to be involved in the recycle and re-use process, and customers tell us how much they prefer the taste compared to supermarket bought milk. It is very rewarding to know that you are making a difference to people’s lives and a positive contribution to the community. I am often referred to as the ‘Dairy Fairy’ because I try my very best to make deliveries as quiet as possible!”

One happy customer said: “LOVE having our milk delivered by the Scampston Dairy – super responsive to messages, friendly, reliable, great milk AND we help to save the planet by reducing plastic use-what’s not to like?’

James is also proud that his whole family is involved in the business. He explained: “From our 10 year old helping with deliveries to our two year-old and 11 month-old ‘testing the product quality’, we all have our part to play!”

The Scampston Dairy now covers Kirkbymoorside and all surrounding areas and all of the areas surrounding Malton and Norton including the Wolds and as far as Slingsby.

James would like to say a huge thank you to all of his customers. He added: “We hope to further expand our round while still offering the same excellent personal service. We are also seeking ways to provide further products in more eco-friendly packaging.”

To book a delivery, call or text on 07879 611290 or email visit our website

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