The Value of Volunteering

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“I’ve met some lovely, amazing people.”

“I’m walking a dog for a lady with health issues: it’s my best job!”

“It’s just me and the cat for most of the day so it’s nice to chat with Ken.”

“It’s given me something to focus on, after not having a job.”

These are a selection of the positive and powerful comments from some of the wonderful volunteers at Ryedale Carers Support. Come and join their friendly and supportive team!

For Dorothy, connecting with others after giving up her business was invaluable: ‘’The people I visit are lovely, really chatty—the Ryedale Carers Support team are very good at matching interests. One of my ladies read The Times every Sunday and she keeps me up to date!”

Having been a carer herself, Penny is pleased to be able to “share my knowledge and experience with someone else who needs it, helping them through that maze, one step at a time.”

Like many, Alan felt that “I wanted to give something back. You realise how fortunate you are. It’s nice to build up a relationship with the carers. It’s so important for them to have a break.” Anne, Roy’s wife and carer, says: “Alan is a lifeline to Roy, as he’s quite cooped up. Doing normal things like going to the library, having a coffee. It’s been brilliant, life-changing. When Roy goes down the path with Alan, chatting away, I feel a huge load off my shoulders.”

If you can spare an hour to visit someone who is lonely, contact Ryedale Carers Support to find out more: 01751 432288 or

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