Toothbrushing at school?

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by Christine Parker, BDS (GDC 72136)

We all know the scenario you’ve got 5 minutes after breakfast to get your kids teeth brushed, coats on and out the door. Suddenly one starts acting up and the toothbrushing goes out of the window. A similar scenario can happen at bedtime especially if your little ones are tired.

Brushing for 2 minutes twice a day is essential for the health of your little ones teeth and if the above scenario is familiar to you then you need to think how you can avoid dental problems.

It’s been suggested that young children brush at school and, whilst I don’t want to absolve parents of their responsibilities, I do think it’s a good idea.

Many nurseries already encourage little ones to brush on the premises. Being in a group all doing the same thing normalises the activity and there is a lot less likelihood of them not doing it.

Teachers shouldn’t need any extra education on the subject nor should they be held accountable for any dental issues of children in their care.

At home to reduce battles, get up 5 minutes earlier. Make it fun, use a timer or an app and brush with them.

At night set a routine, start before they are grouchy and use stickers to motivate them.

Good habits early on make life so much easier for everyone and toothbrushing, wherever its done, is non negotiable.

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