Toys and Treats for your Pets at Christmas

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by Clare Brash BVet Med, MRCVS, Station House Vets

There has been great excitement in the Brash household and the patter of tiny feet with the arrival of “Beetle”, a delightful little dachshund for Granny.


Not since James Herriott`s “Tricky woo” has there been a more pampered pet. However, I have had to put my foot down to limit the treats and toys that Granny was amassing for Christmas.

We are regularly called to emergencies at Christmas time when pets eat such toxic delights as; mince pies, chocolate, fatballs, grapes, antifreeze or grandad’s antidepressants, for example, but it’s also a problem when they swallow objects, which we call foreign bodies.

Yorkshire dogs and cats seem to ingest almost anything. I’ve removed not only bones, kebab sticks and string but also needles, toys balls, bells, knickers, sports socks, batteries, balloons, and walnuts amongst other things. If I had only found a satsuma I could have a real Santa stocking!

Joking aside, these foreign bodies can be fatal so be vigilant, especially over the busy Christmas period and watch for any early signs of obstruction such as vomiting, pain or bloat.

Shopping for ”Beetle” has made me aware of how many toys and treats are unsuitable gifts, so if you are struggling, as I was, then, do consider a healthy alternative and give your pet a wellness voucher!

At Station House Vets we have just launched our Wellness Plan—a pet health plan which spreads the cost of preventative healthcare throughout the year. Have a look at our website for all the great details and generous savings. It’s a fantastic way to help your friends and family spread the costs of healthy pet care, and would make a great present.

Have a wonderful safe and happy Christmas with love from the Station House Vets Family, plus “Beetle”!

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