Travel is Back in 2022

by David Carruthers

Brighter days have arrived for us at Conexo Travel, as customers visit our shop in Haxby to collect tickets, which means they are heading off to sunnier climes or catching up with families they haven’t seen for up to 2 years. They do so with the confidence that Conexo Travel have helped them navigate the latest Covid protocols and UK government requirements.

It is clear that some travellers are struggling with the new travel rules, just by the volume of calls we receive from people who have made their own arrangements. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise non-customers as we need to see all aspects of a booking and our insurers will not cover us for advice given under such circumstances. The reality is our workload has increased simply ensuring that our own customers are fully informed and assisted, making sure they complete the entry forms, have Covid insurance cover, vaccine certificates and advising them of the protocols for the countries they are visiting.

Another potential obstacle to carefree travel is your passport validity. A consequence of Brexit, this has caught so many travellers out, and there have been many sad stories of families being denied boarding at airports due to their passports being invalid. In short, your passport now expires 10 years from the date of issue and not on its expiry date; new passports now reflect this but there are many unsuspecting people who need to check this to avoid problems at check-in.

Travel has changed but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to ensure you are completely aware of your obligations and requirements. At Conexo Travel we book holidays and send people away every day, and we are constantly updated with new rule changes so that our customers don’t have the worry of doing this themselves.

Finally, some people still believe the myth they can book their holiday cheaper themselves. Check out our website at and compare it with Jet2Holidays and discover who has the best deals—and when you do book with Conexo Travel you’ll also receive all of the support covered in this article.

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