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by Jared Smith
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“How are you coping?” is the question many people have stopped to ask me recently, and it is a testament to the wonderful local community we all live in.

Each and every one of us has faced incredible challenges, with so many aspects of our lives being affected by the ongoing issues raised by the coronavirus. Travel, as everyone knows, has been massively impacted; and I have spent most of the last six months or so chasing refunds, rebooking, and then cancelling more holidays. We had hoped for an upturn in July but, unfortunately, this was short-lived.

Moving forward, we hope that things improve and we can start to arrange holidays again before too long, but we are realistic and appreciate it will take some time. However, when it does improve there will be a surge in demand for sure — remember still more that all airlines have reduced capacity with flights being dropped in huge numbers.

The result is sure to be an increase in holiday prices as the industry has always been governed by supply and demand and, as demand increases, we have to understand that supply will be limited. Add into the equation that many people chose to postpone their 2020 holidays to next year and you will begin to see why prices will rise.

So this is why we are encouraging people to book early for 2021. There are some amazing deals with low deposits or peace of mind guarantees which will allow you to book with the confidence that you can change your holiday if the coronavirus remains with us for longer than we hope.

In the short term, we have reduced our opening hours to 9 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday only; we are also using an appointments only system. To ensure that we practice safe social distancing we are asking people to come to the conservatory office at the rear of the shop; you can then see straight in that there is nobody else in, and we can then proceed with your appointment. We have had good feedback from customers to these procedures and we will continue with them until the time when things improve.

To book an appointment please give us a call on 01904 767511 or visit our Facebook page and book your appointment there.

Thank you to everybody who has offered their support and concern; we really do appreciate it and hope you are all able to support us when we return to whatever normality will be.


And remember, book now for 2021!


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