Two gents looking for a retirement home

by Handymag

Meet Gary (baldi) and Pelle, a special pair of Devon Rex cats needing a new home as soon as possible. These older gents were living in a cramped one-bedroom flat with 3 other cats, with no access to outdoors and very few places to relax and enjoy life.

Their owner was unable to look after her cats and York Cats protection were called in to help them. As you see poor Gary has lost quite a bit of fur and we’re unsure if that w

ill grow back, so any new owner will need to help him keep warm in the winter months and safe from the sun in the summer.

Luckily Gary isn’t too bothered about being follically challenged and has a lovely gentle and super friendly temperament.

His buddy Pelle has a much fuller wavy coat and is in pretty good shape, sadly Pelle is very shy around people and likes to hide away and will need patient new owners to help him get used to humans. These funny looking fellas have so much potential and hopefully, someone out there can help them.

If you’d like to find out more about these super cats please get in touch with York Cats Protection Adoption Centre on 01904 760356 or via the Contact Us page on our website

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