# What is Dot peen?

by Imogen Smith
By PCSO Andy Smith 5520
North Yorkshire Police have purchased three property marking kits that will be in use across North Yorkshire.

These machines are called Dot peen and work in a similar way to an engraving or tattoo machine. A permanent mark will be made on your property, usually, your house number and postcode although we can mark any other words or numbers you would like. The machine is attached to a small computer and there are a number of pre-programmed settings that we will use. These change the size of the marking and the depth of the mark. This is necessary so that damage is not caused to any property and it is obvious that a delicate mobile phone will want a smaller mark than a large cycle.

We will be running a number of events across North Yorkshire where the Public will have the opportunity to bring items and have them marked.

These will be advertised on our twitter accounts with the #whatis dot peen and on the North Yorkshire Police website. Also on our website will be an online application form that you can fill in and local officers will then arrange to attend and mark your property.

The main aim of marking all this property is to prevent crime and to make it easier to reunite any stolen items with their rightful owner. We can mark almost any item that you will have in your household. Smooth surfaces work best and it has been checked with major suppliers that marking the property does not affect in any way any warranties. We can mark mobile phones. Laptops, tablets, TV’s, gardening equipment, riding tack and fishing rods, as well as cycles. There are very few items that you may have that we could not mark with this particular piece of equipment but if you have any questions as to whether we could mark something just contact us and we will let you know.

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