Whole health for body and mind — North Yorkshire Centre for Whole Health

by Jared Smith
During these troubled times, our general health is at the forefront of all of our minds, especially as we go into winter. The North Yorkshire Centre for Whole Health — based at Swinton Grange Business Park near Malton — specialises in alternative therapies including Bioresonance, Frequency Specific Microcurrents, Homeopathy, as well as Massage and Sports Injury Therapy.

Centre manager, Gaia Keel, offers Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy and is a Timewaver Frequency practitioner. She says:

We believe in an individual, whole-health, multi-level approach where client involvement in their own healing is essential. Our team of professionals work together to find the best solution to our client’s health problems. You may come in for a general check-up on the Bioresonance machine and it may detect a problem which requires Microcurrent therapy or massage. So the practitioners refer patients to each other to make sure you receive the most suitable therapy for your symptoms.”

The surroundings at the centre are comfortable, clean, and bright with plenty of parking; its healthy rural setting provides the perfect backdrop. There is a lift for anyone with mobility issues, toilet facilities on both floors, and safety is paramount with COVID-safety measures available throughout.

The therapy team are passionate about the treatments they offer. Gaia explains:

The ground-breaking Timewaver machine is a cutting edge device developed in Germany. The FSM therapy (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) was developed by Dr. Caroline McMakin and is used to treat pain, injuries, rehabilitation and trauma. At the Centre we believe strongly in treating the cause of conditions rather than just symptoms and helping the body to heal itself.”

Senior practitioner, Mary Bucher, practices Homeopathy and Bioresonance on the ground floor with co-director Helen Lavers. Mary, who has a medical background and is a qualified Homeopath and teacher, says:

I’m very proud of the centre we have created here. We are a team of well-trained and highly qualified practioners who genuinely care for our clients. I’m very excited about the range of treatments we provide here now and the courses available. This centre is unique in its field and has been described as an oasis of tranquility. Thanks must also go to Andy Hague for all his help and support in creating such a beautiful therapy and teaching centre.”

As well as providing space for other practitioners to use the peaceful treatment rooms, including massage and sports injury therapy — the Centre boasts a 1000ft2 conference room; it is available for hire for meetings or training, with all the technology and refreshment facilities you would expect. Please contact the Centre to book a room.

For a list of current training courses, including courses available through Mary Sarah Eldridge’s York School of Holistic Therapies, see website for details.

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