Why is it important for older patients to still go to the dentist

by Handymag

As patients get older some think that it’s not important to continue to see the dentist and that their teeth having lasted till now should be ok, but we’ll explain why this is a risky strategy. The NHS know that treatment needs often increase as patients age and this is why dental care is not automatically free after retirement age.

As we age our mouths may become drier, this can be due to medication, changes in our salivary gland function or have a systemic cause. A dry mouth massively increases your likelihood of dental problems, saliva act as a lubricant, aids chewing and helps to neutralise the pH of the mouth after you have eaten. It contains antibacterial elements which also help the gum condition.

Older patients who keep their teeth may also have been heavily filled over the years and their bone support for their teeth may be reduced. A build-up of tartar can cause gum disease which has been proven to link to heart disease and diabetes and some studies have demonstrated the same bacteria in the mouth as in the brains of dementia patients. A worrying thought.

Regular visits to the dentist and thorough cleaning both at home and professionally can all reduce tartar build-up. The additional benefit is that your mouth will feel healthier and look better. We understand that access can be a problem and practices with close parking and ground floor surgery such as ours can enable you to continue to be seen. Please call Jan at Howardian Dental for details on how to register.

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