Woodhams Stone Collection

by Handy Mag

We are a social/local history group centred around a collection of historical artefacts linked to the towns of Malton and Norton.

The collection is continually increasing in size, its augmentation being facilitated by contributions from local people. It was originated by local men (the late Sid Woodhams, left side of photo, and John Stone) Their hobbies began independently many years ago. Eventually, a Lottery Grant was obtained, and this financed the co-opting of two museum professionals who were able to put the large and diverse collection into an accessible state. Since then, volunteers have driven the project forwards.

The actual number of objects is colossal, the largest proportion being ephemera: these range from photographs through to postcards, letters, newspapers, maps, trade brochures and almost anything that has ever been documented about our area. The physically larger items relate to local trades, businesses and industries where brewing and agriculture are well represented.

We endeavour to connect with the local townsfolk in as many ways as possible and we do welcome approaches from those around us who enquire about family history.

We have a website: maltonandnortonheritagecentre.com as well as a 5,500 member Facebook site (Malton and Norton Memories) which is very closely linked to the collection. This has become a potent medium for discussions on local topics. We take part in ‘outreach’ activities with local schools and shops in a ‘heritage trail’ as well as creating exhibitions to coincide with national events.

Our sites are in both Malton and Norton with one undergoing development, and we are always looking for ways to fund everyday activities and maintenance. At the moment, there are fifteen volunteers, some of whom are trustees. For more information, please email woodhamsstonecollection@gmail.com.

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