Working Together to Help People in Ryedale

by Handymag

In Ryedale there is an exciting new initiative taking place, delivered in partnership with social enterprise Community Catalysts, North Yorkshire County Council and Ryedale District Council.

The two-year programme offers free support to local people to set up and run their own very small enterprise, offering help and support at home for people who want to live life their way.

There are many elderly people, people with disabilities and those with mental health difficulties living in Ryedale who need support with cooking, cleaning, help with isolation, basic physical care, gardening and lots more.

We are looking for individuals who are caring, have enthusiasm and a commitment to work with people in the community. You may already have a business and wish to something different, or you want set up your own business and be your own boss.

By joining the programme, you will get:

  • a friendly and supportive point of contact to explore ideas.
  • support to develop your community enterprise.
  • practical information on regulation, training and opportunities in the health and social care sector.
  • signposted to other organisations who can also help.

For more information about the project contact Kathy Peacock, Community Enterprise Catalyst – Mobile 07503800094.

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