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World Day of Prayer 2022

by Handy Mag

(A Women-led, Global, Ecumenical Movement)

2022 is a special year for the World Day of Prayer in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This year, we have prepared the World Day of Prayer service. It has been both challenging and rewarding to write about the three countries that make up our area: our landscape, people and culture all shaped by our history. We celebrate our diversity and the contribution made to our countries by the many groups and individuals who have made their home here. We use our Bible text “I know the plans I have for you” from Jeremiah to reflect on some of the issues facing us today: poverty, domestic abuse and disability, finding hope in difficult situations and encouragement in the help we can give to each other.

World Day of Prayer is an international ecumenical organisation that enables women all over the world to share the ideas and concerns of the writing country. Preparation for the day has taken several years. Our International Committee based in New York coordinates the work of National Committees and facilitates the creation of our annual World Day of Prayer service on the first Friday in March. The service outline, created by the writing country, is distributed to the rest of the world, along with a Bible reflection, country background and children’s and – for the first time – young people’s activities.

All this work will come to fruition on Friday 4 March when services will take place beginning in Samoa and moving on through New Zealand and Australia, across Asia, Africa and Europe and finally the United States and South America before finishing in American Samoa. Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland services will take place in large urban centres, such as Central Hall Westminster, and in remote village churches. We will use modern technology to reach those unable to access a service but hope to be able to extend a welcome and hospitality once released from lockdown.

For further information and resources, visit

World Day of Prayer Service

Friday 4th March, 2 pm

St Peter’s Church House, Langton Road, Norton, YO17 9AE

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