York Eco Angels Project

by Jared Smith

Eco Angels is a Rotary York Ainsty (RYA) initiative that aims to transform waste plastic into attractive Angels.

For a donation to the Yorkits project (which helps to change girls’ lives) RYA is providing basic garden-trellis armature shapes which, by a creative use of waste materials such as polythene bags, bubble-wrap and plastic cartons – can be used by people to make their own unique angel sculptures (A Flying Angel is illustrated, right. There is also a standing angel kit).

The Eco Angels project also makes reusable cloth gift-bags with angel motifs as well as providing a creative-activity leaflet with templates for children: ‘Make Your Own Little Angel’.

By making the Eco Angels people will be helping to raise funds for RYA’s Yorkits project which involves community volunteers making washable, reusable feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries, to help keep them in education. Due to poverty, girls have to miss school during menstruation often putting them in danger of abuse and neglect and denying them the right to equal opportunities. Having their own sanitary protection enables them to change their own lives for the better.

The Yorkits kit lasts each girl for up to three years, giving them access to health, hygiene and uninterrupted education. These Kits Change Lives!

Further information on Yorkits can be found on the RYA website: www.tinyurl.com/RotaryYorkAinsty, which also gives details of other community-based projects, volunteering and fundraising opportunities. You can donate to Yorkits at: www.justgiving.com/rotary-ainsty. Follow the instructions and please give generously.

Rotary York Ainsty President, Martin Simpson, says:

Our Eco Angels project illustrates everything that is good at the heart of Rotary. It is a great initiative designed to assist local communities in helping those less fortunate in communities overseas.”

Eco Angels: Helping Yorkits to change lives.

This initiative is just the latest in a long line of community-based projects undertaken by RotaryYork Ainsty in communities at home and overseas. Locally, others include help and support for Door 84 Centre for Youth, SpecSort, York Cancer Care Garden, ToyLikeMe, York Masters Boxing (Salvation Army) and many, many more. Details of any of these projects can be obtained from the contact details below or by accessing the RYA web pages: www.tinyurl.com/RotaryYorkAinsty

For further information, quotes, comments regarding this initiative, RYA in general or information as to how to join Rotary York Ainsty, contact RYA club secretary Dick Powell on 01904 870443 / 07870 544448 or e-mail: rlprotary@outlook.com.

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