Top 5 Captive-Bred Marine Fish at Yorkshire Reefs

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by Duncan Lister, Yorkshire Reefs

  1. Clownfish

The most iconic of reef fish, clownfish were made popular in the Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. These small, peaceful fish are perfectly suited to reef tanks, and often form a symbiotic relationship with anemones or corals. There are a multitude of patterns and colours available, and all our clownfish are bred in captivity.

  1. Yellow Tang

Not only are yellow tangs strikingly beautiful, but they also provide the extremely useful service of keeping your aquarium free of algae. They need a large aquarium of around 400 litres, and lots of seaweed to nibble on. Yellow tangs have recently been bred commercially for the first time at the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, and all the individuals you see at Yorkshire Reefs are captive bred.

  1. Royal Gramma

Another perfect reef fish for small aquariums, with their striking yellow and purple colouration and peaceful personalities. Royal grammas are fairly shy and can often be found hanging around the reef upside-down!

  1. Banggai Cardinal

What they lack in colour they make up for in contrast and personality! Banggai cardinals prefer to live in pairs or small groups and are paternal mouthbrooders. This means the male will keep the fertilised eggs and babies in his mouth until they are large enough to fend for themselves.

  1. Mandarin Dragonet

These cryptic fish are often compared to hummingbirds in the way that they move around the reef, and their psychedelic colours make them a favourite with many of our customers. Wild-caught mandarins are notoriously tricky to keep well-fed in captivity, usually only accepting tiny live shrimps. Captive-bred mandarins are much more likely to accept frozen or dried foods, making them not only more sustainable, but easier to keep!

This is only a small selection of marine fish which can be bred in captivity. If you’d like to learn more, pop in to Yorkshire Reefs for the full tour!

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